Admiralty Island ... And So Much More!

Bird Watching

Bald Eagles, great blue herons, loons, harlequins, and marbled murrelets are examples of the great diversity of birds that frequent the bay. Eagles' nests are common along the shoreline.


Although we don't bill ourselves as a fishing lodge, we certainly know how to catch fish. As former commercial fishermen, we afford our guests the opportunity to try their luck at catching record-class king salmon that migrate past Funter Bay in early summers, or the later returning pink, chum, and silver salmon. Or how about halibut? World record halibut, weighint hundreds of pounds, have been caught in nearby waters.

Nature Walks

Not many visitors venture into the rainforest that makes Southeast so unique. Joe has the experience and skills to lead you safely along the animal trails of this beautiful environment. You'll walk through cathedral-like groves of giant Sitka spruce and across open meadows of muskeg. Along the way, as you learn about local vegetation, you will see fresh animal tracks, otter slides, and beaver dams in the making.
Rain Forest Trail
Skunk Cabbage on nature trail
Photo by Sue Kraft

Christine fishes while Joe and Sasha watch
Photo by Peter Metcalfe