The Giefers
Joe and Karey and skiff
Photo by Peter Metcalfe

The Giefers

Your hosts, Joe Giefer and Karey Cooperrider, have lived on the homestead for nearly twenty years. Their daughter, Christine, has lived there most of her 12 years. After university graduation, Joe and Karey gravitated to Alaska in search of adventure. They never left. Retired from a retail business in Juneau and, most recently, from commercial fishing, they now have the time to share the natural beauty of their home with you and will enrich your visit with anecdotes of Funter Bay history.

You will stay at a 5-acre beachfront homestead, featuring three large dwellings, that retains a delightful frontier character, yet has all the modern conveniences such as private baths, comfortable beds, electricity and hot and cold running water.

In the evenings you'll partake in delicious meals that often feature fresh salmon, crab that you helped pick from the crab pots, and vegetables from the homestead's impressive garden.




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